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Re: processing /etc/sysctl.d

On 5/4/23, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> On Thu, May 04, 2023 at 01:22:40PM -0400, Lee wrote:
>> OK.. I'll try to figure out how to modify whatever in /etc/NetworkManager
> I've been told that Network Manager will ignore any interfaces that
> are defined in /etc/network/interfaces.  So the correct way to set up
> a static address on that interface would be to add it in /e/n/i and
> simply don't touch Network Manager at all.
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> auto enp1s0
> iface enp1s0 inet static
>     address 192.168.x.y/24
>     # gateway 192.168.x.1      if you need this to be the default route
>     up sysctl blah blah blah
> Also, having "auto enp1s0" here will tell systemd that this interface
> is one that matters, and that this interface needs to be up before it
> can activate any services that depend on the "network being up".  I
> have no idea how that works with N-M because I've never used N-M.

That does sound like the way to go.  I originally tried to configure
the box that way and failed, but it seems like it's worth another try.
But since I ended up with networkmanager because it was the only thing
that worked for me I need to allow enough time for troubleshooting &
restoring everything to my current setup before giving it a try --
which will be Monday at best.


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