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Re: Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

On 05 May 2023 05:30, David Wright wrote:
Isn't it this issue?


Looks like it, yes !

I'm afraid I can't replicate the problem, though, as I don't have
a "log off" button or menu entry. That might suggest that the
problem is in something I don't run, like the DE or DM. (I assume
we're all using systemd.)

Yes, I'm using systemd.

When I run multiple jobs through multiple ssh commands, I find
they're in different scopes, eg:


(To see the slice and scope, add cgroup to your ps command.
Add it as the last option, or its output might get truncated.)

When you've logged in to X, what slice/scopes do you see for X and
the processes you previously started? Are they all the same?

I've posted the results of this in the reply to Max Nikulin along the others commands he told me to run.
But yeah they run as different scopes.

I think I've read that the way to get round this (or "go with the
flow") is to run the earlier processes as user services under systemd,
but I've not tried it.

I'm a systemd noob, don't really know what you talking about ^^
Better switch to a better init system, I still fail to see how systemd is helping me, I only had problems with it.
I'm a long time Slackware user, so I can compare inits. /rant off



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