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Re: Need some advice please.

On 5/5/23 08:00, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
The USB hub is plugged into the USB on the computer and does not have a power adapter with it, the seagate does not have a power adapter just a special plug with a usb on one end and the right one for the seagate but no power supply.

If I remove the USB hub I will not have a key board to use at all.  The mouse is plugged into the computer.  I have a Lenovo Think model and it does not have enough usb ports.

Before all of this I screwed with the /var and became unable to download updates or any files at all and brasero will not work so I can back up my home partition.  I screwed the pooch on this one and at 72 years old I have forgotten a lot of stuff.

The harder ways to solve this should work. However you may have to pay for at least one drive.

1. Get an external USB drive and a powered USB 3 hub. Then create a bootable USB/DVD recovery drive such as knoppix http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html

Following the instructions at the knoppix site boot the laptop into the knoppix installation. Then back up your data to the external USB drive.

Then do a clean install of your OS of choice - presumably debian 11 - onto the laptop internal drive. Finally recover your files off the USB.

- or -

2. This option requires some disassembly where you replace the hard drive in the laptop. This can be done by you or your computer repair shop. Then install an OS on the new drive and recover data off the old drive by plugging it into a USB caddy.


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