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Re: I need help with my var partition.

Maureen L Thomas wrote:
> Unfortunately I cannot install anything.  I used the command line and 
> the app but neither of them will work.  I have no idea what to do next.  
> I used su and sudo first.  It just keeps saying it cannot connect with 
> the base from which I get updates, etc.  I used the reinstall on brasero 
> and it just said that it was up to date.  I am so confused.

  at this point i think it is more time efficient to 
install to a new partition and then work on restoring 
the data for each main program you use.

  if you do not have good backups this is not fun, but 
it does teach a lesson to keep good backups.

  i have done a full recovery on a running system where
i accidentally deleted my entire /var but it wasn't quick
and i did have a current list of all packages installed
so i could reinstall each of them.  it's not an experience
i ever hope to have to do again.  since the version of 
apt was also wrong and wouldn't work i had to go back
to using dpkg repeatedly in a loop of all packages until
the dependencies would all be installed and then it got
them all up to date at last.

  it would have been much quicker in the end had i just
set up a new partition and installed from scratch.


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