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Re: I need help with my var partition.

On 5/1/23 18:51, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
Unfortunately I cannot install anything.  I used the command line and the app but neither of them will work.  I have no idea what to do next. I used su and sudo first.  It just keeps saying it cannot connect with the base from which I get updates, etc.  I used the reinstall on brasero and it just said that it was up to date.  I am so confused.

Repairing a damaged OS instance is tough; even when the damage mechanism is known (deleting /var/log/, /var/tmp/ and /var/cores/). Recovery requires a lot of expertise.

Other readers have posted long listings and ACL dumps of their corresponding directories. Is this approach too advanced for you?

Do you have an image of your system disk taken before the disaster?

As Brasero is not working, I suggest that you get a large USB HDD and back up onto that. Hopefully, your computer has a desktop environment that displays an icon when the USB HDD is plugged in, you can use the icon to mount the USB HDD file system, and you can back up with a file manager via drag and drop. If this is not the case, try a root terminal and suitable commands. Back up your home directory and any data directories you have created. Be sure to unmount the USB HDD before you unplug it.

If there are more user accounts on the system, you will want to log in to each of those accounts and backup their home directory and data.

If you know how to take an image of the system drive and save it on the USB HDD, do so. If not, now would be a good time to learn. Clonezilla is the obvious choice:


If you have access to another computer with a CD/DVD/BD burner, burning archival optical discs would be a good idea.

The most direct path to a working Debian system is a fresh install onto a zeroed drive. Next, install the applications you want. Then connect the USB HDD, mount the file system, and restore your data. Restoring application-specific data, such as a Thunderbird profile, may require additional steps.

Please post if you need help with any of the above.


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