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Re: disk usage for /usr/lib on bullseye

On 2/5/23 20:23, Michel Verdier wrote:
Le 2 mai 2023 Bret Busby a écrit :

I expect that, by context, running
apt purge
without the restriction specifying particular package, will apply
apt purge
to all installed packages, according to what purge does, in relation to

But as "apt purge <package>" remove this package and remove configuration
for this package, I hope that "apt purge" will not remove "all installed
packages". Personnally I will not test it...

I believe that this is a case of a problem with having different primary languages (me, English, the above poster, French), with things getting "lost in translation".

I did not mean that purge will remove all installed languages; as according to my last previous post in this thread (I think it was my last previous post - I am not sure);
apt purge
apparently removes obsolete configuration files (orphaned configuration files - that would have been associated with only packages that have been removed), and, so, where a particular package is specified as an argument to the command, all obsolete configuration files associated with the package, will be removed, and, where no package is specified as an argument to the command, all obsolete configuration files for "all installed packages", will be removed.

No suggestion has been made, insofar as I am aware, other than in the above post, that using
apt purge
will remove all installed packages.

I think that, to remove all installed packages, a system administrator, from the superuser level, needs to run something like
rm -r /
(assuming that the /bin and /sbin (etc, etc, etc) directories are within the / partition, and, not in partitions separate to the / partition)
- the use of which command, I do not recommend.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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