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Re: I need help with my var partition.


Maureen L Thomas wrote:
> I used the reinstall on brasero and it just said that it was up to date.

What error message does Brasero issue before refusing to work ?
What optical medium type do you give Brasero for burning ?

I can probably help with composing a xorriso run which performs a similar
backup as you normally do with Brasero. (I am not aware that xorriso would
try to access /var. So a try might succeed or tell us how deep the problem
is located in the software stack from kernel to desktop applications.)

1: Check whether xorriso is installed.
   - Install if not yet there.
     - If apt does not install it, try the GNU xorriso source tarball.
2: Describe which hard disk directory trees or single files get normally
   backed up and to what paths on the backup medium they get copied.
3: Create a shell script with the necessary xorriso commands.

If the steps under "1:" don't work or if you want to stay with Brasero,
consider to get a Debian Live system like
and to put it on a USB stick as described in
After booting from the USB stick the system should be able to install
xorriso or Brasero, so that you can backup your data.

Maybe you can even use the /var directory of the running Debian Live as
template to recreate the damaged /var tree on hard disk.

Have a nice day :)


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