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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Mon 01 May 2023 at 17:53:08 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

> On 5/1/23 13:34, Brian wrote:


> > A possible way forward is to execute
> > 
> >    sudo lpadmin -p HLL2320D-RAW -v ipp:// -E -m raw
> which gets me this warning:
> gene@bpi51:~$ sudo lpadmin -p HLL2320D-RAW -v
> ipp:// -E -m raw
> [sudo] password for gene:
> lpadmin: Raw queues are deprecated and will stop working in a future version
> of CUPS.

A standard warning that is clear enough.

> lpadmin: Use the 'everywhere' model for shared printers.
> And I wouldn't use the everywhere option ever as it cripples the printer
> down to the lowest common performing option list, losing among other things,
> the duplex ability. So it MUST use the Brother driver.

Your demand is granted. -m raw uses the Brother driver on coyote.
> > 
> > and try
> > 
> then I ran this w/o the sudo:
> >    lp -d HLL2320D-RAW printer.cfg
> And got this:
> gene@bpi51:~$ lp -d HLL2320D-RAW printer.cfg
> request id is HLL2320D-RAW-1 (1 file(s))

That's OK.

> printing the file in portrait mode, full duplex, but the file is wider and I
> would normally put it in landscape mode to reduce the auto-word-wrapping
> confusion. Does -o landscape still work with the raw option?
> Yes, provided the -olandscape is after the -d argument. That file is a 3d
> printer description for klipper, 5 pages in landscape mode.  And is the
> first and 2nd time I've been able to print it. Thank you very much.
> Can we continue, making a shell script to do this again with all variations
> available for the -o options of lp?

See the lpadmin manual for how to set up different queues with differnent
options on bpi51.

Glad you are now printing, but you really need to fix the CUPS installation.


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