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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Mon 01 May 2023 at 11:02:58 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

> On 5/1/23 10:40, Brian wrote:


> > Your printing situation appears to be a sane one, so now for a test. Do
> > 
> >    lp -d HLL2320D_coyote ANY_FILE_YOU_WANT
> > 
> Is not working, shell appears frozen but eventually returns:
> gene@bpi51:~$ lp -d HLL2320D_coyote printer.cfg
> lp: The printer or class does not exist.

But HLL2320D_coyote does exist. It is seen in the outputs of 'lpstat -l -e'
and 'sudo lpinfo -v'. Give

  lpoptopns -p HLL2320D_coyote
  lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l


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