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Re: No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs)

Am 01.05.2023 um 10:33 schrieb Michel Verdier:
> Le 1 mai 2023 DdB a écrit :
>> Any suggestions/questions/hints from the power-users in here?
>> ... would be wildly appreciated ...
> When installing you have to stop on your first problem. The others could
> be created from it. It's longer but easier to cope with. So give us full
> details on your first problem or choice you don't understand.
Thank you for being this clear.
In the meantime i changed my plan somewhat (as stated earlier, i am now
willing to defer the resolution of the PARTUUID topic till later, in
order to see, if the upgraded GNOME will be able to serve me well, just
as the buster one did). Also, i wanted to be certain, that i will be
able to deal with the zfs upgrade.

Today, i found, that GNOME extensions are causing quite a bit of
trouble. The cause being, that the one extension, i have been using very
extensively ("Quick-Toggler") has been orphaned and is way out of sync
with current gnome-shell. That really hurts, as it had already been a
replacement for another extension, that had been orphaned in jessie
IIRC. - This is already the second time, that i have to find adjustments
in my workflow after an upgrade, due to changing functionality and lack
of compatibility. ... makes me somewhat unhappy, as i have been involved
 quite a bit in software rollout processes and we cared very much for
(paying) customer satisfaction. Ofc, this could be different in a
project based on the workforce from volunteers.

But it got even worse:
The site extensions.gnome.org let me know, that it cannot sync
extensions with my gnome-shell, because of a version mismatch. So i read
up a bit to understand, what is going on, and found the most concice
description here: (1)
Funny little detail: Ubuntu is suffering way less, because their
distribution is based on more recent version than debian stable is.

At least i saw some guy posting a video on youtube showing, how he
upgraded gnome-shell to experimental thereby creating a frankendebian,
something, i thought was an absolute no-go!

So i could not resolve the issue (You need to update
gnome-browser-connector to at least version 42.0), because the version
from debian is something like 10.1 or so.

Once again, i am happy to just playing around, not touching the
workhorse, that is still on buster, until i find a safe way forward.

zfs seems to be working fine on bullseye, the dev from the Quick-Toggler
published, that he abandonned the software due to his switch to KDE a
few years back.

Now, i am considering, if i should investigate the other desktops before
making a decision?


Very sad, that the upgrade turns out to be rather difficult for a human
being like me, that is more or less isolated in his basement with no
friends sharing the passion for computing, or debian - for that matter.

So this is my todays report. Confused and undecided, i will head over to
get some rest now.
Ofc, i am curious to learn, how the crowd of "standard users" is dealing
with gnome extensions atm.

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