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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On 5/1/23 13:34, Brian wrote:
On Mon 01 May 2023 at 13:03:50 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

On 5/1/23 12:30, Brian wrote:

Assuming your buster machines (which are working) have similar setups to bpi51,
you couls try the two commands (and all the others in this thread) on one of

one of those machines reports this for the -l option:

gene@sixty40:~$ lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l
PageSize/Media Size: Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT *Letter Legal Executive
FanFoldGermanLegal A4 A5 A6 Env10 EnvMonarch EnvDL EnvC5 ISOB5 B5 ISOB6 B6
4x6 Postcard DoublePostcardRotated EnvYou4 195x270mm 184x260mm 197x273mm
InputSlot/InputSlot: MANUAL *TRAY1
Duplex/Duplex: DuplexTumble *DuplexNoTumble None
Resolution/Resolution: 300dpi *600dpi 2400x600dpi
TonerSaveMode/Toner Save: *OFF ON
Sleep/Sleep Time [Min.]: *PrinterDefault 2minutes 10minutes 30minutes

Looks reasonable. A similar command on the server should give a similar output.

The reason 'lp -d HLL2320D_coyote printer.cfg' failed is because CUPS is unable
to query the HLL2320D_coyote printer for its attributes. Printing from anything
else, such as Firefox, will also fail. CUPS on the bullseye machine appears to
be broken.


A possible way forward is to execute

   sudo lpadmin -p HLL2320D-RAW -v ipp:// -E -m raw
which gets me this warning:
gene@bpi51:~$ sudo lpadmin -p HLL2320D-RAW -v ipp:// -E -m raw
[sudo] password for gene:
lpadmin: Raw queues are deprecated and will stop working in a future version of CUPS.
lpadmin: Use the 'everywhere' model for shared printers.

And I wouldn't use the everywhere option ever as it cripples the printer down to the lowest common performing option list, losing among other things, the duplex ability. So it MUST use the Brother driver.

and try

then I ran this w/o the sudo:
   lp -d HLL2320D-RAW printer.cfg
And got this:
gene@bpi51:~$ lp -d HLL2320D-RAW printer.cfg
request id is HLL2320D-RAW-1 (1 file(s))

printing the file in portrait mode, full duplex, but the file is wider and I would normally put it in landscape mode to reduce the auto-word-wrapping confusion. Does -o landscape still work with the raw option?

Yes, provided the -olandscape is after the -d argument. That file is a 3d printer description for klipper, 5 pages in landscape mode. And is the first and 2nd time I've been able to print it. Thank you very much. Can we continue, making a shell script to do this again with all variations available for the -o options of lp?

Take care & stay well Brian.

Cheers, Gene Heskett.
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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