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Re: GRUB command-line with timeout

On Tue 13 Jul 2021 at 10:54:07 (+0200), Steve Keller wrote:
> Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> writes:
> > > I'd prefer to be dropped into the GRUB command line instead of that
> > > menu.  But still I'd like to have the timeout after which a default
> > > entry is boot if no command is entered at the prompt.
> >
> > You want GRUB's normal operation but, at the same time, you want GRUB
> > to fail?
> >
> > The use case is interesting. Perhaps you could explain.
> Hm, I'he never considered the CLI as an indication of failure but simply
> a more flexible and more powerful interface alternative compared to the
> boot menu.
> IIRC, in grub 0.99 things were this way.
> And I am almost always in favor of comand-line interfaces, especially in
> such low level situations as a boot loader.
> So I'd like to be dropped into CLI but with a timeout, since I reboot the
> machine in question remotely in most cases.

Let's put aside your normal case of booting remotely, when it won't
matter what was displayed on the screen before the timeout expires and
the default is booted.

So on the odd occasion, you turn on the machine and, at a mininum, are
about to type in some commands to boot the machine manually. And then
you might even log in. Having to type /one/ keystroke at the start is
just too much.

Is that what you're really saying?


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