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Re: GRUB command-line with timeout

On Tuesday, July 13, 2021 11:34:48 AM David Wright wrote:
> So on the odd occasion, you turn on the machine and, at a mininum, are
> about to type in some commands to boot the machine manually. And then
> you might even log in. Having to type /one/ keystroke at the start is
> just too much.
> Is that what you're really saying?

I'm not the OP, and I don't boot very often at all -- my machines run 24/7 for 
months on end, so I don't know / remember what has to be done in GRUB to get 
to the command line, but the bigger annoyance for me would be waiting for the 
right moment to press that key (if there is a time window associated with when 
you can press that key).

If my machine takes 15 or more seconds to get to the point when I can press 
that single key, unless I am very careful and patient, I am likely to miss 
that window.  (Of course, I am getting older :-(

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