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Re: GRUB command-line with timeout

Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> writes:

> > I'd prefer to be dropped into the GRUB command line instead of that
> > menu.  But still I'd like to have the timeout after which a default
> > entry is boot if no command is entered at the prompt.
> You want GRUB's normal operation but, at the same time, you want GRUB
> to fail?
> The use case is interesting. Perhaps you could explain.

Hm, I'he never considered the CLI as an indication of failure but simply
a more flexible and more powerful interface alternative compared to the
boot menu.

IIRC, in grub 0.99 things were this way.

And I am almost always in favor of comand-line interfaces, especially in
such low level situations as a boot loader.

So I'd like to be dropped into CLI but with a timeout, since I reboot the
machine in question remotely in most cases.


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