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Re: Memory allocation failed during fsck of large EXT4 filesystem

Reiner Buehl [2021-07-05 10:21:13] wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a corrupt EXT4 filesystem where fsck.ext4 fails with the error
> message:
> Error storing directory block information (inode=366740508, block=0,
> num=406081): Memory allocation failed
> The system has 4GB of memory and a 8GB swap partition. The filesystem has
> 7TB. Is there a quick way to enlarge the swap space to help fsck.ext4 to
> finish the repair? I do not have any unused partitions but have space for
> swap on other filesystems if that is possible.

I think you should report this as a bug in e2fsck.  While 7TB is
significantly larger than the partitions I have, 8GB of swap should
still be plenty for that (my first 1TB disk was connected to a machine
with 64MB of RAM (an asus wl-700ge) and fsck was slow but it worked), so
I suspect the error is not in the lack of memory space.


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