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Re: Debian Linux keyboard mapping files ...

On 7/2/21, Greg Wooledge <greg@wooledge.org> wrote:
> you're starting from some MASSIVELY incorrect assumptions,
> but up until now, correcting all the background noise was never
> important, because you were just poking around out of curiosity.  Or so
> we thought.

 I don't understand why "we" think "I was just poking around out of
curiosity" (provided "we" has some powerful mind reading skills). I
had spent some time finding such files and I thought there should be a
way to somehow get such files out of Debian's installation disks. I
also realized why I couldn't find the link that was suggested to me. I
always exclude Windows results from google searches.

 I also included the results here in case anyone else has such needs.


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