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Re: [OT] Wifi AP for Gigabit LAN/WAN

> Well,
> judging by your e-mail address you are from Germany.
> Check your local magazines for some reviews (C't might be one).
> If you really think you can get a 1Gbit stream via Wifi you
> are fantazing. If you have a decent router connect via cable.
> And if you are connecting multiple machines invest in
> a decent switch.
> Your best guess to get high throughput whicg doesn't
> degrate in real life (other AP in the area, multiple
> clients...) is wifi 6. There are not many available,
> and even less devices available for a linux machine,
> While I use a ubiquity AP, I do not recomment those.
> In most cases you are stuck with their managing software
> or some Apps on Android/ios.
> It's not an issue here , because wifi is mainly for
> the Misses' ipad. I ran cat6 cable when we bought the 
> place.

Yes I know, Wifi can't get 1Gbit at the moment, I would only get close
to it. 500Mbit/s are also OK (the TP-link Archer C7) seems to get it and
this is much more than my 300Mbit that I have at the moment.

The possibility to run openWRT at the TP-link Archer C7 sounds good,
I will have a look at.

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