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Re: [OT] Wifi AP for Gigabit LAN/WAN

On Lu, 25 ian 21, 20:16:21, basti wrote:
> Hello,
> at the moment I use 802.11n /2.4GHz wifi. I get 1 Gbit down/250 Mbit up
> WAN in 2 months.
> I'm search for wifi AP to get the best out of my WAN connection.
> I know I need 5GHz wifi.
> Are there any recommends?

A device *fully* supported by OpenWrt.

Read the device specific information carefully, e.g. some devices rely 
on hardware NAT to reach the full 1Gbit/s and it works only with the 
proprietary firmware[1] (which is generally crap).

[1] e.g. the TP-Link Archer C7

Kind regards,

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