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Re: debian-user list info and guidelines: spam

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 08:11:51AM -0500, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 01:03:07AM -0500, John Kaufmann wrote:
> > > In the last seven days we've seen bounces for the following list:
> > > * debian-user
> > > 	1 bounce out of <nn> mails in one day (<x>%, kick-score is 80%)
> > 
> > First: How common is this occurrence for others?
> It is common enough that it belongs in a FAQ.
> Some subscribers are using corporate (or even non-corporate) email
> systems that have aggressive filtering.  Some legitimate debian-user
> email may be caught by these filters and either rejected outright during
> SMTP, or delayed pending review.  If it's rejected during SMTP, that'll
> certainly trigger the "we've seen bounces" message.

I've seen that (not very often) either because my mail server is
down or because I fat-fingered some configuration.

> For the record, as of today, the email that I receive at this address
> undergoes no fewer than *four* types of modifications before I see it:
> 1) The Subject: line is altered.
> 2) A two-line disclaimer is inserted at the top of the body.  (One very
>    long line of text, because *obviously* all those Netiquette guides
>    are wrong, and one blank line.)
> 3) All URLs, fully qualified domain names, IP addresses, or any other
>    content that looks like one of the above to a dumb regex, get
>    replaced by mimecast URLs.
> 4) All attachments that look like they might contain executable code
>    are removed.  This includes shell scripts, perl scripts, etc.

Are those modifications added by the Debian mailing list? That'd be
strange, because I don't see them...

 - t

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