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Re: debian-user list info and guidelines: spam

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 01:03:07AM -0500, John Kaufmann wrote:
> > In the last seven days we've seen bounces for the following list:
> > * debian-user
> > 	1 bounce out of <nn> mails in one day (<x>%, kick-score is 80%)
> First: How common is this occurrence for others?

It is common enough that it belongs in a FAQ.

Some subscribers are using corporate (or even non-corporate) email
systems that have aggressive filtering.  Some legitimate debian-user
email may be caught by these filters and either rejected outright during
SMTP, or delayed pending review.  If it's rejected during SMTP, that'll
certainly trigger the "we've seen bounces" message.

For the record, as of today, the email that I receive at this address
undergoes no fewer than *four* types of modifications before I see it:

1) The Subject: line is altered.
2) A two-line disclaimer is inserted at the top of the body.  (One very
   long line of text, because *obviously* all those Netiquette guides
   are wrong, and one blank line.)
3) All URLs, fully qualified domain names, IP addresses, or any other
   content that looks like one of the above to a dumb regex, get
   replaced by mimecast URLs.
4) All attachments that look like they might contain executable code
   are removed.  This includes shell scripts, perl scripts, etc.

And those are just the modifications that I know about, for the messages
I actually see.  Some messages get held until I click an incredibly
long URL, which means I have to bounce the email to my Outlook account,
so I can see it in a web browser.  Even then, the email system warns
me that it still might choose not to deliver the message that I have
"released", because it will still be subject to further scrutiny first.

And yes, I do see those "we've seen bounces" emails.

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