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Re: debian-user list info and guidelines: spam

On 2021-01-25 01:55, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Lu, 25 ian 21, 01:03:07, John Kaufmann wrote:
... the background info links ... explain the origin
of the problem in spam control, and why bouncing list mail is not
nice, and what can and should be done about spam. I'm sympathetic to
the problem, but don't run my own mail server [I suspect many on this
list do so, and thus are closer to spam issues], and can never get my
ISP to care about this.

We can at least pester them about it. If enough of us do, eventually
they will have no choice but to listen, especially in case of paying

I avoid "free" mail services because I prefer not to be the commodity, so have been a paying customer (nb.net) forever. But nb.net no longer run their own MTA (maybe for just this reason?), farming it out to userservices.net. As a result they increasingly unresponsive to complaints. I have not figured out my next step.


Is there an intelligent way to manage when spam control efforts break
the system they want to protect? Do the debian lists attempt to
control spam by blocking specific users, domains or ISPs?

Start here:

Yes, that is where I started, but it does not address what measures the debian lists use to control spam. This thread was the next step toward mitigating the problem on my end. Thanks for your reply.

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