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Re: VPN ideas

On Mi, 09 dec 20, 11:00:41, Joe wrote:
> I suppose it may depend on where you are. In the UK, public wifi
> normally uses no encryption, because there are no local staff who can
> help with problems. So any unencrypted protocol you use can be
> overheard.

It doesn't matter much whether the public WiFi is using encryption or 

Any unencrypted communication over the internet is vulnerable. Period.

Even if some segments[1] are somewhat protected, the segment between the 
router/firewall/VPN exit point and the server on the internet is still 
completely vulnerable.

It's probably a good idea to always assume your system is connected 
directly to the internet. If you really need to run (vulnerable) 
listening services on it configure them to be stopped and/or firewalled 
whenever outside your home/company network.

[1] in this case the segment between the laptop and the AP via WPA, or 
the segments between the laptop and the VPN exit point.

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