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Re: Debian hangs (PREEMPT RT?)

I had a similar problem, but I could ssh into the machine, otherwise I would say it was locked. My problem was the video driver (NVIDIA card). I fixed it by installing the manufacture driver.

On 6/25/20 3:54 PM, Malte Schmidt wrote:
Dear all,

I'm running Debian 10 with the recent updates using a RT Kernel to run a Machine using Linuxcnc. I face the problem that Debian "hangs" i.e. becomes completely unresponsive. This includes Keyboard, Mouse and also the SysReq + REISUB does no longer work. The system does not really "crash" i.e. I keep seeing X. Usually X and keyboard freeze a bit before the mouse pointer also stops to move.
I have the feeling that this only occurs when there is a realtime task running but I cannot say that for sure.

Not sure if pastebins are appreciated here:
Output of dmesg: https://pastebin.com/zgh6Cw84
/var/log/messages https://pastebin.com/EbJh4qYY

I did spot anything obvious in the logs

This PC was used for a couple of years for Machine control running a Realtime Kernel on Debian 7

I'm a bit clueless at this point and would appreciate hints what to check for.


Robert Hirsch und Malte Schmidt
Adverrun Drives
Fruehlingstr. 41
90537 Feucht

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