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Re: Reminder about the Debian Code of Conduct

* davidson <davidson@freevolt.org> [20-06/25=Th 03:31 +0000]:
>> Oh god.  Look, this is about my signature, isn't it?
>> [...] Look, for the last time, it's not *my* opinion.
>> It is (allegedly) Horatio Nelson's. [...]
>> I know, I know.  It is so sad.  But there is no alternative if truly
>> open and accepting collaboration is to flourish in Freedomland.
>> [...] And you will have to send me some links to videos of
>> this Community band, because I have never ever heard of them
>> but I'm really into all kinds of zombie apocalypse stuff.

That is now officially my favorite mailing list post of 2020.

I know /intellectually/ that 2020 isn't over yet,
but /emotionally/ I find that difficult to accept.

* Pierre-Elliott Bécue <peb@debian.org> [20-06/25=Th 12:29 +0200]:
> [...] You, being horrified about the authoritarism a Code
> of Conduct and potential moderation seems to represent,
> should be delighted that no scapegoat was designated.
> Yet, although some may try and play naive, I'm pretty sure
> the concerned people know who they are and what my email
> is referring about, and that seems quite enough to me.


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