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Re: Fw: How long will this take?

On 2020-06-10 10:13, Matthew Campbell wrote:
I ran a read test first to look for bad sectors on the new hard drive to see if it was damaged by the shipping process.

I use the manufacture toolkit to test and verify drives.

Now I am writing to each sector, after looking around on the drive to inspect any data written by the manufacturer, to clear everything for the aforementioned reasons.

I use the manufacturer toolkit to zero fill and/or secure erase drives.

Two files had been placed on the second partition by the manufacturer. The first partition did not have a file system. The manufacturer really screwed up the partitioning process. They started the first partition inside a physical 4096 byte sector. fdisk pointed this out in red text. The drive uses a logical sector size of 512 bytes, but uses a physical sector size of 4096 bytes. I still don't know the rest of the disk geometry.

If you have any console sessions from before destroying the factory layout, please post any commands and output that are of interest.


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