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Re: why !oh why Debian and application list

On 6/7/20 7:37 PM, Richard Owlett wrote:

On 06/07/2020 12:23 PM, Seeds Notoneofmy wrote:
Well, as the subject suggests, I'm a bit fed up with the logic behind
how installed programs are sorted out in the Applications menu.

The need to go hunt down an installed application seems yester century.

I just installed Picard, and it does not show up in Sound and Video,
where logic would suggest it be.

I had to dial it up from the command line.

I'm willing and ready to be educated on why things are such with Debian.

Thanks a lot.

That is an easy question.
The majority of labor to improve Debian is free.
The issues that are worked on are those the free labor is interested in.

Thanks for this insight. And you're right. And I will add, it was never the ambition of Debian to replace the User experience with Windows or OSX, unlike Ubuntu and many others. I've stuck with Debian for what I cannot find in Ubuntu; stability and security. But user experience is well below compared to other distros. It's unfortunate, then it seems, that Linux seems destined for the geek world. This is rather unfortunate, as I do believe with Linux the computing world could be very different. I want to imagine a world of using a stable and secure computer to achieve much more. Or, perhaps my frustration is influenced by chastisement from a friend recently, a programmer, who said; life's short, time is precious, why spend time getting things to work on Linux? This was again, in response to a user experience, trying to share out desktop remotely. Of course, we gave up.

Thanks, however.    

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