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Re: why !oh why Debian and application list

On 07.06.20 19:54, Seeds Notoneofmy wrote:
(...) And I will add, it was never the ambition of Debian to replace the User experience with Windows or OSX, unlike Ubuntu and many others. I've stuck with Debian for what I cannot find in Ubuntu; stability and security. But user experience is well below compared to other distros. It's unfortunate, then it seems, that Linux seems destined for the geek world. This is rather unfortunate, as I do believe with Linux the computing world could be very different. I want to imagine a world of using a stable and secure computer to achieve much more.
> (...)

I am surprised about Ubuntu in your experience not being as stable and secure as Debian. While Debian is a philosophy and developing an extremely good OS, Ubuntu builds on top of it. Substituting philosophy by commercial interests Ubuntu then provides enhancements which the voluntary submission in Debian could not achieve. Some of the enhancements are security related, for instance, Apparmor support of Ubuntu is worth mentioning.

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