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Re: why !oh why Debian and application list

On Sun, 7 Jun 2020 19:54:07 +0200
Seeds Notoneofmy <notoneofmyseeds@gmx.de> wrote:

> I've stuck with Debian
> for what I cannot find in Ubuntu; stability and security. But user
> experience is well below compared to other distros. It's unfortunate,
> then it seems, that Linux seems destined for the geek world. This is
> rather unfortunate, as I do believe with Linux the computing world
> could be very different. I want to imagine a world of using a stable
> and secure computer to achieve much more.

Wouldn't that be something like Android? Where the user no longer owns
his computer, and therefore cannot break it, where there is one and
only one minimally-customisable user interface, where only software
approved by the OS vendor is available.... where the software probably
wouldn't be open source, as there would be no point....

I have an Android phone and tablet, and I absolutely hate the OS. It is
such incredibly hard work to do anything that the masses don't
routinely want to do. I managed to find a web server that would
interface with a PHP server, and there's a version of MariaDB
available. But I couldn't get them all running for more that a few
seconds. To achieve that, I'd have had to use a third-party rooting
tool, which might contain anything, to adjust the OS running parameters
to allow three serious applications to run together. I used to run all
that stuff on a PC, and much more, with fewer resources than this
tablet. I've been spoilt by Debian.

Let's face it, Android is a media appliance, and that's what the masses
want. That's probably where Ubuntu will end up. It's where your stable
OS with a great user experience would end up, because that's the
user experience that the masses want. It's not what I want from a


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