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Re: Sharing /boot and /lib/modules with multiple distros

On Sb, 06 iun 20, 14:06:42, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> I usually have three different distros installed.  I was wondering if I
> could have a separate partition (possibly in an extended partition)
> containing /boot and /var/modules that would be mounted in each of the
> distros.  This would eliminate having kernels, initrds and kernel modules
> duplicated for each distro, while allowing me to run lilo from any of them. 
> The only file that would need to be duplicated would be /etc/lilo.conf, and
> it doesn't take much space.  Is this a workable idea?

Depending on your BIOS and/or bootloader /boot might need to be within 
the first x GiB of the disk. Having it as the first partition usually 
avoids such troubles completely, while making it very difficult to 
resize later (see recent threads here).

Having /lib/modules on a separate partition is likely to be unsupported 
with the standard Debian kernels, e.g. because the ext4 module is in 
there too.

A possible ways around it would be to compile your own kernel with 
enough things compiled in instead of modules. If you go this route it's 
probably easier to just compile in everything you need and not bother 
with /lib/modules at all.

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