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Re: KDE run Dolphin as root?

On 06.06.20 23:20, Default User wrote:

On Fri, Jun 5, 2020, 16:55 Default User <hunguponcontent@gmail.com <mailto:hunguponcontent@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hi, all.

    As an experiment, I just installed Debian 10.4 Stable on a spare
    drive, and installed kde on it.

    I have not tried kde in many years, so am not really familiar with
    it. Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, but I can not seem
    to run Dolphin or Konqueror as root.

    Searching online, I was astounded to see many references to this
    problem, saying that this is not a bug, but a feature - that kde
    developers are deliberately working to prevent users from using some
    programs, including Dolphin as root, as a "security measure".

    So, can the current version of Dolphin in Debian Stable be run as
    root (without re-compiling, etc)?

    And, if not, how (and why) would anyone use kde at all?

So . . .  no one here using kde?
Hmmm . . .

: )

To my knowledge it for years is not possible to run Dolphin in KDE with root permissions, so also not in Buster. I never tried to use Dolphin outside of KDE and therefore cannot state on that situation.

IMHO, the nice thing of KDE over GNOME is that in KDE usually I am offered high control on the appearance and interactive control of my desktop. GNOME instead appears to copy an Android cellphone, not only that its appearance remind on it but also that you either like it or you have to make yourself to accept it as it is. Changes on some of its desktop elements have been quite restricted when I seriously would have needed a change. This was what forced me to change. On my quite old hardware I then went for LXQt until I noticed that running it with kwin was greatest. Well, anyway running kwin I then tried out KDE and found that its footprint is not significant higher than the one of LXQt and that its responsiveness is excellent if staying with KDE Plasma and a selection of helpful tools but sparing out its akonadi dependent apps. Actually, both LXQt and KDE fro me run much better than GNOME on my hardware - and today I am a quite satisfied KDE user. But concerning Dolphin and the infantilizing amputation to not allow it to run with root permissions, here KDE completely fails to keep up with its fame.

Sorry for the bad news. Marco.

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