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Re: set gnome locales to C.UTF-8

On Friday, February 28, 2020 09:35:36 AM Greg Wooledge wrote:
> In a traditional X11 setup, your session is a hierarchy of processes,
> with the window manager (or session manager) as the parent/root of
> the hierarchy.  Every process is a descendant of the window manager,
> and inherits its environment (locale, umask, resource limits, etc.) from
> the WM.
> In GNOME, terminals are not children of the window manager, or even of
> the session manager.  When you ask for a terminal, GNOME sends a letter
> to dbus, asking dbus to please make a terminal.  Your gnome-terminal
> is a child of dbus, and inherits its environment from dbus.
> You do not get full control over dbus.  You can't tell it to set its
> umask to 002, or to set one particular locale variable differently from
> the rest, and so on.  There's just a limited set of things you're allowed
> to tell it to do, and good luck finding the documentation for those.

Interesting (that).

Do you (or does anyone else) know if KDE works in a manner similar to GNOME, 
or is it more like the traditional X11 setup?

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