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Re: set gnome locales to C.UTF-8

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 09:27:26AM -0500, Ted Baker wrote:
> >
> > This.  Everything you know about Unix?  Throw it out the window when
> > you're using GNOME.  GNOME takes over everything, and makes you do
> > it all GNOME's way.  You have control of nothing.
> >
> hmm. I am trying to understand what GNOME does under the hood, in this
> case, if possible. Right now, console (ctl+alt+F3) and gnome terminal gives
> different locales, I would like to fix that :)

In a traditional X11 setup, your session is a hierarchy of processes,
with the window manager (or session manager) as the parent/root of
the hierarchy.  Every process is a descendant of the window manager,
and inherits its environment (locale, umask, resource limits, etc.) from
the WM.

In GNOME, terminals are not children of the window manager, or even of
the session manager.  When you ask for a terminal, GNOME sends a letter
to dbus, asking dbus to please make a terminal.  Your gnome-terminal
is a child of dbus, and inherits its environment from dbus.

You do not get full control over dbus.  You can't tell it to set its
umask to 002, or to set one particular locale variable differently from
the rest, and so on.  There's just a limited set of things you're allowed
to tell it to do, and good luck finding the documentation for those.

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