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Re: new, not nice web bots disposal

Gene Heskett wrote:
> This library is a joke, the librarian is scared shitless of copyright 
> law.  When I retired, I had an 18 year collection of McGraw-Hill's 
> Electronics magazine, from which anybody that could read, could get 
> himself the equ of the best education in electronics available anyplace 
> on the planet, hopeing I might plant a seed in some youngster. Several 
> hundred lbs of it since a year was at least 5-6" on the shelf. I went 
> back to see how they were displayed about a week later, they weren't, 
> the bitch had filed them in the trash bin and they'd already been picked 
> up.  I went home and cry'd. To me, that was the equ of burning the 
> Library of Alexandria.  That magazine was at least half my education in 
> electronics. At that point, in 18 years as CE at WDTV, one piece of gear 
> had been returned to the maker for repair, a Canuk outfit that didn't an 
> american to fix his stuff, I kept everything else ticking along and the 
> case cow fresh.  And you'd be amazed at how quick a news dept. can 
> demolish a $30,000 camera.
> Sure, I'm an old fart now, but as a child I had "The Nack" and I quit 
> school over a health issue in the 9th grade, and went to work fixing the 
> then (1948) new-fangled things called televisions, but consumers can be 
> a-h's, so I got an fcc 1st phone without cracking a book and switched to 
> broadcasting in the early 60's.  Then in '72 I saw where the local 
> community college was testing for the Certified Electronics Technician 
> certificate at their site in Norfolk NE.  So I drove the 15 miles down 
> from the tv station I was in charge of for Nebraska ETV, a klystron 
> powered transmitter on ch19, and laid my 20 bucks on the profs desk at 
> 12:50, test to start at 13:00. 125 mostly multiple choice, and I handed 
> it back to him about 13:40. Accompanied by his raised eyebrows. Told him 
> my work history and 2 weeks later rx'd a Journeyman card, I had missed 
> 2. That card says it all, and I have not failed to get the job I was 
> applying for since. That tells the viewer I do know what I'm talking 
> about even if he doesn't, which is usually the case.
> No, that librarian gets no more support from me. The destruction of that 
> much knowledge was criminal in my view.

  i support my local library as much as i can, but i
don't visit as often as when i worked there.

  yes, i still miss it, i do not miss the stress.

  i do understand your feelings.  i have a lot of books
here on my shelves that were removed from the reference
collection and the non-fiction collection.  now that the
library has more space i could ask about donating them
back, but my guess is that they too would end up getting
thrown out.


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