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Re: local network capability scanner?

On Vi, 07 feb 20, 23:47:59, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > >
> > > I don't use fish that I know of.  Thats not to say mc isn't using
> > > it.  In which case someone has been playing with mc that has no clue
> > > what they are doing.
> Because mc, 22+ years ago was pretty much self-contained.  Now, AFAIAC, 
> mc has been contaminated, albeit invisibly just to keep it working as 
> ways and means have changed. Not always an improvement but it still 
> works for some definition of works. In this case, stretching the hell 
> out of the definition of "works".

According to Wikipedia FISH (the protocol) was designed for Midnight 
Commander, about 22 years ago ;)

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