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Re: local network capability scanner?

On Fri 07 Feb 2020 at 08:12:18 (-0500), Gene Heskett wrote:
> I was trying different ways to move a kernel src to the pi for making and 
> also reached the conclusion that mc was for some reason terminally slow 
> at unpacking an .xz kernel and writing the unpack across the network. It 
> was promising me a 43+ hour ETC. And was showing figures when it updated 
> the screen here as 4.3 kilobytes/second? Really?

Ooh, gosh, don't do that! Even with a cat5 cable between two machines,
unpacking an archive across the link with mc will take at least 100x
more than transferring the archive and unpacking at the destination,
even if you do said unpacking with mc.

fish is fine for the odd file transfer, and I guess it's faster than
kermit (untested), but there's a large overhead on each file.

> So I stopped that, killed the partial copy, backed out and copied the 
> whole image to the pi in just 2 or 3 minutes, with mc, then unxz'd it on 
> the pi in maybe 3 minutes.  Made sure it was set for arch/arm with a 
> bcm2835_defconfig, verified it said fully preemptible and turned off the 
> wifi.  Then built the realtime kernel in around an hour, installed it 
> and its been running since yesterday. Best kernel I've built yet. 
> Latency about 16 microseconds. Sweet even.
> So maybe bit rot in mc? DIIK.

Take a look at the scripts in /usr/lib/mc/fish/ and imagine running a
couple of them on each and every file in the kernel.

> But the job is done, and in a day or so, 
> when I know its stable, I'll put the output up as a tarball on my web 
> page for others to use.
> Too bad debian does not support the pi's past a pi3.


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