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Re: KISS gpg

Nicolas George wrote:

> That would be the idea. And for that, I need a KISS gpg, because current
> gpg does not honor the homedir setting for private keys, because it uses
> the agent instead. This is exactly the problem.

There is a reason for the agent. If you want gpg without an agent use
another product.

I strongly suggest you read the docs and ask here after this. It is obvious
that you have not read a single one of them. The KISS comes after you

I sent already two links to the main document locations. Here once again for


--homedir dir

    Set the name of the home directory to dir. If this option is not used,
the home directory defaults to ~/.gnupg. It is only recognized when given
on the command line. It also overrides any home directory stated through
the environment variable GNUPGHOME or (on Windows systems) by means of the
Registry entry HKCU\Software\GNU\GnuPG:HomeDir. 

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