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Re: Top 7 Programming Languages That Employers Really Want

Joe wrote:

> Seriously? BASIC worse than Hollerith strings? It was 45 years ago, but
> I still remember...

Indeed - I have the feeling here only people from the home for the elderly 
(Seniorenheim) are posting - BASIC, COBOL, PASCAL ... OMG

Though I must admit there were some good posts around - but the majority
must be 50 or 60+, who gave up evolution 20-30y ago.

The study was pretty good

SQL, Python, PERL, C/C++, JAVA. I wonder why I did not see PHP ... but well.

IMO you use one language for rapid prototyping and if necessary (for example
commercialize it), you use one of the binary languages. SQL comes
everywhere handy, because you have to store the data somewhere - but still
there is difference between Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB or sqlite. Each one has
its advantages and disadvantages - and SQL for the one is likely not
compatible with SQL for the other, though SQL is well standardized - the
implementations are different.


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