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Re: Top 7 Programming Languages That Employers Really Want

On Saturday 19 October 2019 08:38:15 John Hasler wrote:

> Joe quotes:
> > "If you think you need to use floating point, you don't fully
> > understand your application."
> Right.  There isn't anything you can't do with bignum.
> I wrote software for control systems using cpus such as the RCA 1802.
> You can do a lot more with 8 bit integers than seems possible at first
> thought.
I'll back that up. The first "had a job to do" program I ever wrote, in 
1978, was for a video production helper, laying a new digital academy 
leader on a finished commercial, intended to function with an automatic 
station break machine.  This was at KRCR in Redding CA.

I used a cosmac super Elf, buying its case and an s-100 backplane, built 
the video board and added a then $400 for the kit 4kx8 static memory 
board to the cosmacs 256 bytes and the interface to a Sony 2850 3/4" 
u-matic tape machine it was controlling.

I went on down the road looking for greener pastures after their long 
time chief came back to work from the heart attack he had 2 weeks after 
I was hired. I had no more contact with the station until '94 when I'd 
taken 2 weeks to visit an aunt in Salem OR who was fading. Calling to 
catch up, I found that in 94, 14 years later, my program was still in 
use many times a day.  In a television stations control room, thats 
amazing, because while the technology used to play that commercial is 
constantly changing, the need to do that job accurately hadn't.

And after scareing Microtime out of their shorts when I found the bare 
beginnings of such at their booth at the annual NBA shindig in Vegas the 
following year, and mentioning to the bow tie in the booth that I had 
already done that, only better, it had dissappeared an hour later and 
was never admitted to exist ever again.  And no one else has ever 
attempted to do it unless they did their own version in house and kept 
it quiet. 

> You can also get by without a multiplier.

I don't recall I needed to do any muls or divs, but did do some bit 
twiddling. My version of the time code was actually better than drop 
frame for tracking wall time. Not that it mattered over the maximum of 2 
minutes and 10 second duration of laying down that new leader and the 
audio tones on one track of the audio that tied the tape to the station 
break machine. But I figured if a had to do it, do it right. :) FWIW, I 
still have 2 audio carts filled with backups of that program and a type 
written printout of its program on the top shelf of the bookcases on the 
walls of this room. My man cave. Memories of times past...

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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