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Re: installing lazpaint (a non-debian package) on a debian system, ideally in a user-level account

Dan Hitt wrote: 
> There's a piece of software, lazpaint, that i would like to install on my
> debian system.
> As far as i can tell, it is not listed at packages.debian.org.
> It does have a *.deb file however.
> The project dates from 2011, so i think it's pretty well established.
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/lazpaint/
> Now, i certainly don't want to create a FrankenDebian by just using dpkg to
> get lazpaint into my system.  (I think it would install into /usr/bin and
> /usr/share.)

Properly speaking, a frankendebian is a system which starts out
using a proper apt package repo, and then gets unsupported
repositories added to it in a way which conflicts with existing

If you install a single non-conflicting package without a repo,
the worst that could happen *absent malice/incompetence on the
part of the  supplier* is that you might not be able to install
it again later on. 

Now, the package they supply might not work for you. Wrong
architecture, missing libraries -- but if you trust them not to
be sending you malware, you could just try installing it and
seeing if it works.

Or you could install gimp and use that.


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