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installing lazpaint (a non-debian package) on a debian system, ideally in a user-level account

There's a piece of software, lazpaint, that i would like to install on my debian system.

As far as i can tell, it is not listed at packages.debian.org.

It does have a *.deb file however.

The project dates from 2011, so i think it's pretty well established.


Now, i certainly don't want to create a FrankenDebian by just using dpkg to get lazpaint into my system.  (I think it would install into /usr/bin and /usr/share.)

On the other hand, setting up a vm just to get the system seems like a lot of work, and trouble getting the host and guest to communicate, etc.

So i'm wondering if there's some way to invoke dpkg to get it to install the package in a directory of my own choosing in my own area, and without using sudo.

Thanks in advance for any advice on how to proceed, or any information (such as, "the only possible way to do it really is to use a vm").


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