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[SOLVED] Re: Problems with Buster and Bluetooth

David Parker wrote:

> It turns out this may have been a hardware issue all along.  When I got
> the new PC a few weeks ago, I just plugged the USB Bluetooth adapter into
> a port on the front and went from there.  It turns out that I had chosen a
> USB 3.1 port, which can cause interference and connection issues with
> Bluetooth.  I moved the adapter to a USB 2.0 port and so far it seems to
> be working much better.  I'm going to try it like this for a while and see
> how it goes.  If the problems come back, I'll keep digging!

Good news. I just found out that the RSSI level is available when I try to
pair. So it seems that the PC (where I run the monitor) should be in
discovery mode.

Anyway - good luck and regards

PS: I mark this topic as solved

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