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Re: Problems with Buster and Bluetooth

Thanks for the additional information.  Unfortunately, the connection problems have returned and I haven't made any progress in solving them.  When I kill the pulseaudio process, it simply restarts itself and I'm unable to stop this behavior, so I therefore can't run it manually with the -vvv to further trace the Bluetooth issue.  I have followed everything I found online, including the steps from the PulseAudio page in the Debian wiki[1] but nothing seems to work.

I found instructions yesterday to enable PA debugging by adding "-d" to its startup options and setting a specific log file.  It worked (I got output to the file) but it didn't log anything during my subsequent Bluetooth issues.


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/PulseAudio#Disabling_daemon_autospawn)

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 3:21 PM deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:
David Parker wrote:

> This issue seems to not be fixed entirely, after all.  Yesterday, the
> earbuds would pair but not connect when I powered them on.  I had to
> connect them manually each time, using either bluetoothctl or
> blueman-manager.  At one point they disconnected, and subsequent attempts
> to reconnect them resulted in a "Device or resource busy" error in syslog.
> I had to remove them and go through the pairing and connection process
> again to fix it.
> So, there's definitely still a problem here, although they do work most of
> the time, which is better than where I started.

Hmmm - what priority PA is running at?

I don't know really why it is a problem - I think this new combination of
BT+PA is not quite ready yet, but was forced to us without alternative. I
suffer in a different way by the replacement of bluez4.

Anyway - what you also can try is try to fine tune PA - for example there
were options regarding latency and so on.

Also the signal strength - is it breaking when you are moving?

and so on.

I do not think you have to remove pairing to solve the problem - could be
you restart BT+PA.

Also try running pulseaudio with -v or -vv or -vvv to get more information
and find out where is exactly your problem.

I also read about LE that this is still somehow buggy, but if you say it was
working for you before ...


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