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Re: Problems with Buster and Bluetooth

David Parker wrote:

> Thanks for the additional information.  Unfortunately, the connection
> problems have returned and I haven't made any progress in solving them.
> When I kill the pulseaudio process, it simply restarts itself and I'm
> unable to stop this behavior, so I therefore can't run it manually with
> the -vvv to further trace the Bluetooth issue.  I have followed everything
> I found online, including the steps from the PulseAudio page in the Debian
> wiki[1] but nothing seems to work.

you kill the PA server with pulseaudio -k - it shouldn't spawn automatically
You can also add no-spawn option to the config file

> I found instructions yesterday to enable PA debugging by adding "-d" to
> its startup options and setting a specific log file.  It worked (I got
> output to the file) but it didn't log anything during my subsequent
> Bluetooth issues.

You didn't answer my previous questions - is it interrupting while you are
moving and did you check
        - latency in PA
        - power strength on BT
        - specific LE details

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