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Re: Bible study tools in Debian repository - End-user support?

On 10/09/2019 06:28 AM, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
On Wed, Oct 09, 2019 at 05:41:02AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm running Debian 9.8 and have just installed BibleTime, Xiphos, and
diatheke. I expect BibleTime will become my primary tool. The available
documentation has breadth, if not depth.

For the type of usage questions I have, I have found archives of mailing
lists and USENET groups to be a valuable tool in filling in voids in my
background to avoid "newbie" confusion. I searched the various homepages
without finding what I was looking for. One site explicitly stated they do
not have publicly available user support fora. A web search turned up some
old posts, all several years old.

Can anyone suggest an active mailing list or USNET group where usage
questions about these programs would be acceptably on-topic? I find web
based fora difficult to follow.

Hi Richard,

Based on your description, those types of discussions would be on-topic
for this list.

I assumed that but believed that archives of a group specifically oriented to Bible study tools would fill gaps in my background.

However, if you are interested in a more focused
specifically oriented toward Bible study aids, or even Bible study aids
particularly in Debian, then I am not aware of such a specifically
focused group.  However, the Debian team that maintains most (or perhaps
all, I am not certain) of these packages has a mailing list here:

I browsed the posts at
for the last year. I don't think my initial questions would be suitably on topic.

As the name would suggest, the primary purpose of the list is
development-related discussions (bug reports, package maintenance,
etc.).  But if you have a look at the archives, the list goes long
periods without any discussion, which is to say that the traffic is
quite low.  If you are not able to find another list, feel free to ask
your questions there.  As far as a I know, all of us on the list are
active users of these tools in addition to maintaining them.  We should
be able to help you out with what you need there if you decide that your
questions are off-topic here on debian-user.



My immediate BibleTime related questions include:
1. When display the Strong's entry for a word there is a field titled "Morphology:". I find no references to the meaning of the abbreviations used there.
2. Discussion of how to best use the "Personal commentary" tool.

Another issue is difference(s) (if any) in the target audience of BibleTime and Xiphos.

I know I don't have the latest release as this particular machine is still at Debian 9.8. I'll be installing Debian 10 soon but have some housekeeping issues to resolve first.

Thank you.

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