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Re: Root account is locked

Arturo K wrote:

> good day Debian team,

we are not debian team, but the user list.

> I can access to initial login screen and enter my access password but the
> enter key (hit( doesn't respond, neither ctrl+F5,..,ctrl+F8, nor any
> other.

Did you check your keyboard?

> I uninstalled rkflashtool that also didn't work but after restart showed a
> warning to leave the server or not, I hit yes and the then the showed the
> problem at launch. With safe mode reads "cannot access to console, the
> root account is locked"

Not clear what you mean by this rkflashtool - how did you uninstall, what
server??? IMO you should go to school and learn how to express yourself,
although if English is not at good level some things are acceptable, please
help understand what you exactly mean

> Already I've read
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/09/msg00813.html and related
> asks & questions, but do not find any related of deactivate cntrl key, so
> I'll appreciate your help
> I have 4 weeks trying Debian 10 KDE in my Acer aspire 2920

The easiest way is to use debian installation disk/usb drive. Mount the root
filesystem and recover the account. (Latest can be done in different ways.
I prefer chroot). Last time I did resque a PC/server with lost root
password, I just removed the pwd hash from the /etc/passwd file. I am not
sure if things have changed recently.


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