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Dual boot: one legacy, the other uefi

Hi guys,

I have this laptop problem to solve: the original windows 10 is kept, shrunk partition to 1TB, originally cryptographied (but now normal). The rest was given to Linux, Debian 10: 800GB root and 8.2GB swap.

Now the system can boot both systems ok. But to choose which one you want, you need to enter the BIOS, change legacy to UEFI, and vice-versa, then you can boot.

Not a good way to keep.

Lets give the devices some names.

/dev/sda4 is windows 10
/dev/sda5 is debian buster 10
/dev/sda6 is swap

Other partitions are the usual that comes with a Windows Dell laptop (boot, backup, etc.)

Grub is installed at sda5 with Debian, but when updated it doesn't recognize A Windows partition.

Can you point me to a possible howto, blog, set of instructions or even abstract ideas that are in the right direction?

My best,

Dr Beco
A.I. researcher

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