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Re: Rescue mode when root account locked

On 20-09-17, solitone wrote:
> When I boot in rescue mode, I get this message:
> Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked. See sulogin(8)
> man page for more details
> When I press Enter to continue, it continues bootup in normal graphical
> mode.
> Would it be wiser to unlock the root account, so that I can go into single
> user mode? Or is there something I can do, without unlocking the root
> account?

You have locked root account, presumably during install, when you
decided that you do not need it and that you will just use sudo instead.
That stuff is more for Ubuntu than for Debian, because ubuntu has
patched sulogin to allow single user mode when root account is locked.
You can easily unlock you root account with sudo passwd root. Enter
password and root account will be unlocked. Unless you've used some
other method for locking root, like putting /usr/sbin/nologin shell in
/etc/passwd for root instead of /bin/bash. In that case you will have to
undo your changes there. 

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