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Root account is locked

good day Debian team,

I can access to initial login screen and enter my access password but the enter key (hit( doesn't respond, neither ctrl+F5,..,ctrl+F8, nor any other.

I uninstalled rkflashtool that also didn't work but after restart showed a warning to leave the server or not, I hit yes and the then the showed the problem at launch. With safe mode reads "cannot access to console, the root account is locked"

Already I've read https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/09/msg00813.html and related asks & questions, but do not find any related of deactivate cntrl key, so I'll appreciate your help

I have 4 weeks trying Debian 10 KDE in my Acer aspire 2920

thanks in advance
Arturo K

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