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Re: Dual boot: one legacy, the other uefi

Le 06/10/2019 à 22:45, Beco a écrit :

Now the system can boot both systems ok. But to choose which one you want,
you need to enter the BIOS, change legacy to UEFI, and vice-versa, then you
can boot.

Would you mind telling which systems boots in EFI mode and which one boots in legacy mode ?

Not a good way to keep.

Some people think otherwise. It is not the most convenient, but it prevents Windows to interfere with GRUB's operation.

Lets give the devices some names.

/dev/sda4 is windows 10
/dev/sda5 is debian buster 10
/dev/sda6 is swap

Grub is installed at sda5 with Debian, but when updated it doesn't
recognize A Windows partition.

Of course not. Both systems must be set up to boot in the same mode.

Can you point me to a possible howto, blog, set of instructions or even
abstract ideas that are in the right direction?

If Windows boots in EFI mode :
Mount the EFI partition on /boot/efi.
Install grub-efi-amd64.
Boot some Linux media in EFI mode.
Chroot into the Debian system, mount the usual pseudo-filesystems (/proc, /dev...) and the EFI partition.
Run grub-install.
Run update-grub.

If Windows boots in legacy mode :
Create a partition with "BIOS boot" type. 100 ko is more than enough.
Install grub-pc.

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