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Re: Running a music player via cron


> >> Playing: http://direct.franceinfo.fr/live/franceinfo-midfi.mp3
> >>  (+) Audio --aid=1 (mp3 1ch 44100Hz)
> >> ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1108:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
> >> [ao/alsa] Playback open error: Device or resource busy
> >> [ao/oss] Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy
> > 
> > Either another process is still acessing your speakers or may you're
> > not logged in.
> I am logged in. I suspect a pulseauio issue.

Me too. What does it say with -ao pulse ?

I suspect $PULSE_SERVER is not set and mpv cannot find the server started
in your graphical session. I would find its contents in my graphical session,
put it in the crontab and if it works, come up with a script to guess it.



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